Name(print your name here) : erlina

A – Age: 17 gonna to 18

B – Band listening to right now: lots of Hindustan HAHA..*Hindustan ade band ke ?

C – Career: work fer GIANT .untung giant lerr.HAHA

D – Drink or smoke: nope . aku ade iman agy . hailaaa

E – Easiest person/s to talk to: my best friends – now yang dekat tka. yat dah jauh. and my sister .anis. the best listener in the world.

F – Favorite song/s at the moment: My Baby you. i know it’s an old song. who cares?

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Apa benda yang ko nak aku jawab sebenarnya ni?


J – Junk foods you like: is McD include as a junk food?

L – Longest car ride ever: aku ta de lessen kete . so ta yah na peril-perli yer . HAHA

M – My favorite Sport/s: gusti ! I love to do that .

N – Number of relationships you’ve had: I don’t have any relationship . u want ? HAHA


O – One wish you have: more patience , ability to think clearly and tak ikut hati sesuka hati. btw, i think i’m improving now.

P – Phobias: cicak ! cold – blooded!

– Favorite Quote: tumbok laju-laju kang . pendek kate sume carutan is my favorite quote !

R – Reason to smile: certain various things. oh yes. when somebody smiles. one someone.

S – Song: Now listening to – none. i’m answering this stupid survey that HANTU email to me.

T – Time you woke up:ofkos lately ,that’s definite. HAA.

U – Unknown fact about you: i could be mean and heartless. pendek kata, segala sifat mazmumah la.

V – Vegetable/fruit you hate: I’m very healthy ! so I loveee fruits and vegee.

W – Worst habit: senang rase sakit hati and rase bersalah even orang tuh yang wat salah . teruk kan ? but I think I’m the most soft-hearted girl . HAHA

X – X-rays you’ve had: belum penah buat sebab aku sihat !

Y – Yummy food/s: ayam . ayam dan ayam.

Z – Zodiac sign: capriconn.

Lastly – what do you think of the one that send you this survey? at least i have something to do.haha


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